Multi-purpose Cleaner

Formula 1101: Non-butyl cleaner that deodorizes and cleans petroleum, vegetable, animal oils and greases. Low foam allows for excellent use with cleaning equipment. Contains no solvents. Lemon fragrance
MPC 2000+: Removes all types of soils, grease, fats, oils, soot and smoke from all types of surfaces. Water soluble. Cleans to a shine. Lemon fragrance
Neutral-Solv: Economically neutral cleaner for floors, walls and general purpose cleaning. Will not harm floor finish. Can be applied either by mop or used in an autoscrubber. Can be used in all water conditions. Lemon/Lime fragrance
Spic & Spotless: General purpose powder cleaner is ideal for all general cleaning. Cleans all hard floor surfaces effectively. Dissolves readily in warm water. Leaves surfaces fresh and clean. Odorless

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