ARMOR WRAP 30R: Best solution for most ferrous metal applications. Best selling VCI Paper in the automotive industry. Meets and exceeds auto manufacturers’ and OEM specs
ARMOR WRAP 60R: Excellent for wrapping heavy or sharp objects. Added paper weight provides tear resistance. Good choice for sharp parts like gears, clutches or heavy steel
ARMOR WRAP WAX: Wax available as a standard product. Excellent for oily parts. Good choice for oily bearings, or as a barrier between acidic packaging such as wood pallets and metal parts
ARMOR WRAP 352: Impregnated with twice as much VCI as 30R for the most demanding applications. Ideal for long-term storage applications due to the substantial amount of VCI present
ARMOR WRAP MPI: Provides multi-metal protection and is a very versatile solution. Safest bet to use when you’re not sure what the exact metal composition is

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