Disposable Ear Plugs

  • Max: Highest NRR rating. Improved bell shape increases maximum in ear comfort. Corded or uncorded
  • Max Lite: Ideal size for female workers. Low pressure foam expands gently for comfortable wear. T-shaped for easy handling. Corded or uncorded
  • Laser Lite: Vibrant colours make protection easily visible. Self adjusting foam expands to fit virtually every worker. Corded or uncorded
  • Matrix: New patented no roll design makes insertion easy. Filters out harmful noise but allows voices pass through. Corded or uncorded
  • Mulitmax: Two sizes in one product. Improves individual fit. Corded or uncorded


738-0040 3M Deplug Orange Tapered 200 1bx bx
738-0043 E.A.R. Corded Yellow Cylinder 200 1bx bx
999- HL-LPF Max Lite, Ideal Size for Female Workers, Foam T-Shaped 200 1bx bx
999- HL-MAX1 Max Uncorded, Foam Bell Shaped 200 1bx bx
999- HL-MAX30 Max Corded, Foam Bell Shaped 100 1bx bx
738-0020S HL-LPF30 Max Lite Corded, Ideal Size for Female Workers, Foam T-Shaped 100 1bx bx
999- HL-LL30 Laser Lite Corded, Self Adjustable Foam, Vibrant Colour 100 1bx bx
999- HL-MXT10R Matrix, Foam No Roll Design- Filters out Harmful Noise but Allows Voices to Pass Through 200 1bx bx
999- HL-MM1 Multi Max, Foam Two-Sized Plug 200 1bx bx
999- HL-LL1 Laser Lite Uncorded, Self Adjustable Foam, Vibrant Colour 200 1bx bx
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