Semi Automatic

SLP 110

  • This versatile heavy duty machine is ideal for facilities with output around 15-20 load an hour. Its friction carriage can accommodate 20? or 30? film and its low profile base makes it ideal for forklift or pump truck loading. Simple controls make this machine easy to run, allowing your operators to spend their time on the plant floor and not on the packaging operation

SLP 300

  • Low Profile, Semi-Automatic Stretch-Wrapper Built with all the standard features of the SLP 175, this machine has been upgraded to meet the requirements of a busy packaging and shipping operation. Along with our EZ load carriage with film saving pre-stretch the SLP 300 features a larger base to accommodate an optional weigh scale. This sturdy machine can also be pit mounted to save on the expense of a ramp and to minimize wear and tear on your forklift and pump trucks. With this built-in versatility, you can weigh and wrap 30-40 loads an hour, saving you money on labour and freight


999- Samuel SLP 110 1 1ea ea
999- Samuel SLP 300 1 1ea ea
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