Totalfoam Machine

TotalFoam is a foam-in-place packaging system designed for the small to moderate volume shipper of fragile, expensive or difficult to package products. TotalFoam uses a patented mixing process to produce high quality polyurethane foam.

  • Superior product protection: High quality urethane foam protects products from shock and vibration
  • Simplifies packaging: Can be used to pack products of practically any size, shape or weight
  • Speeds up the packaging process: Almost any product can be packaged in under 5 minutes without need for loose fill, crumpled paper or corrugated inserts
  • Improves the integrity of your package: Increases the burst and stacking strength of cardboard cartons
  • Saves valuable warehouse space: Foam expands up to 130 times its liquid volume, eliminating the need for large bags of loose fill
  • Just-in-time packaging process due to system portability: System moves freely, making it available when and where you need
  • Accommodates product design changes: No changing costly molds and packaging systems, saving on money and time
  • Runs off of a conventional electrical outlet: Portable system can be operated at any electrical outlet
  • No chemicals come in contact with the system’s pumps: Less clogging, corrosion, down-time and maintenance
  • Contributes to source reduction: Less total resources are used


999- SF 0004 Basic 100 1 1ea ea
999- PF 0001 360 pump 1 1ea ea
999- PT 2001 Super 360 1 1ea ea
999- TF 1001 Twin Pak (5G) (50#) 1 1ea ea
999- TF 1005 Super Twin (10G) (100#) 1 1ea ea
999- PF 0015 15 Gal Set (30G) (300#) 1 1ea ea
999- PF 0055 55 Gal Set (110G) (1000#) 1 1ea ea
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